Entering the Castle

Mark your calendars! On June 7, Darrell Grizzle, aka Grateful Bear, and I will be teaching a class at the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, on the new book by Carolyn Myss, Entering the Castle, which is a guidebook for spiritual development based on the wisdom teachings of the Carmelite mystic Teresa of Avila. Should be a fun evening of celebrating Christian wisdom in an ecumenical/interfaith perspective.Click here for more details about the class. … [Read more...]

Quotes for the Day

Christ, the good artist, for those who believe Him and gaze continually at Him, straightway portrays after His own image a heavenly man. Out of His own Spirit, out of the substance of light itself, the ineffable light, He paints a heavenly image, and bestows upon it its good and gracious Spouse. If a man does not gaze constantly at Him, overlooking everything else, the Lord will not paint His image with His own light. — Pseudo-Macarius (4th century)If a person should desire to do something h … [Read more...]

A Mini-Sabbatical…

Continuing my journey through 111 of the great western mystics that I began in late 2004, recently I've been plodding through the A. C. Ionides translation of Proclus' Elements of Theology, and — in all candor — have been hating almost every minute of it. Meanwhile, I've also been reading Brian Hines' cleverly executed introduction to Plotinus crafted specifically for spiritual seekers, Return to the One: Plotinus's Guide to God-Realization. Compared to Proclus' overly mechanistic and abstract (t … [Read more...]

Christians and Atheists in dialogue

The Christian Science Monitor recently ran an interesting article about efforts to spark congenial, constructive grassroots dialogue between Christians and atheists. Click here to read the story. … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

if god is everywhere, where are we? — Advertising slogan for Caiaphas, a now defunct, Atlanta- based web development & graphic design agency … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

...you must realize that in this life it will be impossible to continue in this work [of contemplation] with the same intensity all the time. Sickness, afflictions of body and mind, and countless other necessities of nature will often leave you indisposed and keep you from its heights. Yet, at the same time, I counsel you to remain at it always either in earnest or, as it were, playfully. What I mean is that through desire you can remain with it even when other things intervene. — Anonymous, The … [Read more...]

The Man with One Arm

This morning after mass I stopped at our local Quiktrip convenience store. I didn't need anything, but I thought I'd grab a coke and a bag of chips, and put a dollar down on the Mega Millions Game, which has a $96 million jackpot right now. So basically I wanted to blow three bucks on junk food and a fantasy. Nothing wrong with that, right?So I get out of the car and standing right in front of me is a fellow that looked to be about my age, skinny and grizzled, in jeans and a white t-shirt. The … [Read more...]