Quote for the Day

More and more Americans have begun to realize that the most vociferous supporters of the war often do not back up that support by actually serving in the military. More Democrats than Republicans are war heroes, and few demographic groups have more vocal support but less actual enlistment than the Young Republicans. While they disparage liberals for protesting the war, they believe they can best serve their country by going to college. There are elite business and law schools to attend and grand pronouncements to make about this being a ‘liberation,’ not a war. When asked why they are not doing the actual ‘liberating,’ these boisterous lads argue that their political work stateside is more important. That is, they march and cheer for Bush while poor and middle-class boys are literally dying to protect the lads’ careers. From a distance, war is such a rush.

— Robin Meyers, Why the Christian Right is Wrong 

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