Sometimes I just blogs and thinks, and sometimes I just blogs…

My dear friend Darrell (aka Gratefulbear, aka Hamza Bear) who is one of only two Sufipalians I know, has just bestowed upon my blog the coveted “Thinking Blogger” award, which provides as its sole perk the license to display this über-cool graphic:

Thinking Blogger Award

Now I am duty-bound to pass on this award to five other bloggers of esteemed thinkitude. So without further fanfare or ballyhoo, here are my awardees:

  • Telynor, Fey-Touched, DancingWriter and KingoftheWho, all from LiveJournal (er, the first two have largely private journals, so if you’re an LJ user you can email them and beg for admission. Claiming that you are my friend may or may not make any difference).
  • Fr. James Behrens, OCSO, whose not-very-often-updated blog is luminous with his photography and perceptive writing.


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