The book I wish I could read…

Hoo boy. What’s the book I wish I could read? Probably something that would help make sense out of the competing world views of humanism/materialism, religious fundamentalism, liberal religion, gnosticism/new age/neopaganism, and mysticism. How to navigate those world views today. Why mysticism remains so vital and viable, even in a world where it is so marginalized. And how and why reading the sacred texts of the world’s wisdom traditions and the writings of the mystics of the west, coupled with an authentic spiritual practice, is so helpful for a blossoming spiritual life.

Since the author I know who is coming the closest to doing this is Ken Wilber, obviously I’m suggesting something that’s a bit different from Wilber’s work. Less egghead-y. More congenial to Christian cosmology and theology. Grounded in the mystics of the west, rather than the east.

Yes, that’s the book I wish I could read. And I feel utterly, totally, completely unqualified to write such a book.

Thank you, Anne Lamott (he said, gritting his teeth slightly).