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Through the Holy Eucharist, we are made divine, we become gods. This is how it happens. The human nature of our Lord, through its hypostatic, real, natural and essential union with divine nature, became in truth and in fact ‘life-giving’. In the Holy Eucharist, the very Holy and life-giving Body of our Lord, which remains forever indivisibly united with the Divine Logos, grants true life to those who commune, and brings them into contact with the life of God. The faithful who commune the Body and Blood of Christ, through that very Body and Blood also consume God the Logos. They thus become both Christ-bearers and God-bearers. In the Mystery of the Eucharist, human beings are interpenetrated by the Divine, just as a rod of iron, thrust into a searing flame soon becomes itself a fire engulfed in flame. Thus the human is made divine, without of course giving up its natural qualities. There is a certain sort of analogy between the fact of the true union of the two natures in Christ’s person, and the unity of God and human beings in the Eucharist. In the Eucharist, however, even though the union is real, it does not cease to be on the level of the relative, of a union by grace.

— Archimandrite Christoforos Stavropoulos, Partakers of Divine Nature 

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