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Fran and Rhiannon and I are on the road. The trip began with a drive up from Atlanta to Hampton, Virginia where we spent his birthday and father’s day with my dad (attending Saturday evening mass at St. Kateri Tekakwitha Church in nearby Tabb and going with my dad to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church on Sunday), and taking him out for a father’s day seafood dinner to the legendary Harpoon Larry’s Restaurant (the website is for the “main” Harpoon Larry’s in Virginia Beach, but we ate at their Hampton location). Of course, being the vegan in the bunch, I only ate a veggie sub, but everyone else enjoyed chowing down on the freshly caught and cooked fish.

We left Hampton on Monday and now we’re in the suburban wilds outside of Richmond with our friends Margarita and Michael Noyes. Michael participates in a centering prayer group at Richmond Hill, “an ecumenical Christian fellowship and residential community who serve as stewards of an urban retreat center within the setting of a historic monastery.” It seemed to be a wonderful community; I was there for a simple evening prayer service and community dinner prior to the centering prayer meeting, and had a lovely time.

Today we’re day-tripping up to Washington where we’re going to visit the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and go shopping at one of the most wonderful stores in the world: the Newman Bookstore which is the most amazing Catholic bookstore I’ve ever seen (for example, they’ve got about 100 feet of self space devoted just to medieval theology).

Then tomorrow we depart for North Carolina. After lunch in Raleigh with Jasmine and Mike Morrell (of Sites Unseen), we’re heading for Asheville. There we’ll stay with our friends Cindy and Karen, and do some more shopping at places like The Captain’s Bookshelf (which is as good a place to buy used books as the Newman Bookstore is for new titles) and, of course, the legendary Malaprop’s Bookstore and Café. While in Asheville we will likely eat at wonderful places like the Laughing Seed Café or Mamacita’s Mexican Grill, and might even make it to mass at St Joan of Arc Catholic Church (which has a beautiful new church just two miles from Cindy’s and Karen’s) before returning home Saturday evening.

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  • Darrell Grizzle

    My favorite restaurant in Asheville is a little hippie place called Rosetta’s: Wonderful veggie food, cheap enough so their student/slacker clientele can afford it. :o)

  • Pat Morell

    Oh $#^&*!!! I’ll be out of town Saturday. “Goin’ up the country” to some organic farms for chats with the farmers and a chance to pick up some fresh off the farm produce and goat cheese (mmm!!). Please let me know when you’ll be in Asheville again and I’ll clear my calendar. Don’t know when I’ll make it down to Atlanta, since right now with my 2 jobs I don’t have 2 consecutive days off. It would have been good to see you …

  • Jon

    Hope you had a great trip. Let me know next time you’re in the neighborhood.

  • Carl McColman

    Yeah, sorry I didn’t get in touch, it was a kamikaze trip, didn’t even see all the family this time around. But yes, I’d love to connect next time I’m in Tidewater (or you’re in Atlanta).