Can We All Get Along?

Yes, Rodney King said it best.I received an email yesterday from a person on MySpace who lists his religion as "atheist." I had found his profile because he wrote a poem called "Self-Deification" (in which he basically talks about being his own God). I had done a keyword search for people in MySpace with "deification" in their profile, and sent him a message without taking the time to really consider that his idea of deification probably was worlds away from my own.Okay, my bad. But his … [Read more...]

Contemplative Prayer

I've just posted an essay on Contemplative Prayer in the "Spiritual Formation" section of this website.Click here to read it. … [Read more...]

Introduction to World Mysticism (Evening at Emory)

I'll be teaching the following class through the Emory University Center for Lifelong Learning:Introduction to World MysticismMadonna is studying the Kabbalah. The Secret is a runaway bestseller. Seven hundred years after he died, everyone's reading Rumi. Yoga, Buddhism and other eastern practices are more popular among Americans than ever. So what gives? At the heart of all these cultural trends is mysticism, a vague word that can be translated as "the spiritual principle at the heart of … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

Once, when I attended a workshop on teaching religion, a presenter talked about how he took his students on wilderness trips to give them a taste of life nearer the edge. Whether they went hiking or white water rafting, the point was to step outside their high-carb comfort zones long enough to encounter the untamed holiness of the wild. 'Excuse me,' a member of the audience said, 'but are there predators in those places who are above you on the food chain?' 'Well, of course not,' the presenter … [Read more...]

Orthodox enough?

My recently redesigned Myspace page has made me plenty of new friends and has received many warm comments and messages from people who are enjoying a glimpse into my appreciation of the Christian mystical tradition. For this, I am most grateful.Ironically, I've also received several messages from people who want to check out my theology and/or my beliefs. … [Read more...]

New blog discovery of the day

Check out Heather's Poor Excuse. Not only does she provide as an epigraph an irreverently-translated quote from Hafiz, but she's got plenty of thoughtful posts like her recent How Not to Read the Bible, an intelligent rant about the many misuses of scripture by both Christians and non-Christians, filled with nuggets like this: "...the arrival of Christ into the history of the Jewish people is like the plot twist in an M. Night Shyamalan movie." … [Read more...]

How Many Social Networking Sites Can You Be on Before You’re Certifiably Compulsive?

Okay, as I alluded a few days ago, I've dusted off my heretofore inactive MySpace page; found a great layout for it that is elegant rather than flashy, set up "fan pages" for Julian of Norwich and The Cloud of Unknowing, and am now happily sending friend request to anyone with a listed interest even vaguely related to Christian mysticism. Meanwhile, I kept hearing wind of other social networking sites... Facebook... Virb... Ning... even — egad! — Zaadz. I had already established an account with L … [Read more...]