Of course I’m an agnostic. I’m not a gnostic. And that’s what an agnostic is: not a gnostic…

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  1. That’s why I used to say I was an atheist. I’m definitely not a theist. But it seemed to me that labeling myself by what I was not gave more power to the thing I was not than what it is I actually am.

  2. The term we came up way back in my seminary days was “reverent agnostic.” To be a person of faith is to be agnostic.

  3. Laura, your point is thoughtful; here’s another perspective: sometimes the negative is actually more of a positive. When I sit down at the wedding feast, I’d rather do so with an empty stomach than a full one. Likewise, when I sit down to enter into the silence of contemplation, I’d rather do so with an empty mind than a full one. And it seems to me that beliefs are some of the biggest ways we can clutter up our consciousness.

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