Okay, I’ve had a MySpace page for a year or so now, but I’ve finally gotten around to sweeping the floor and decorating the walls and making it presentable. So please go take a look (and if you have a MySpace page of your own, I do hope you’ll send me an add request).

Carl McColman on MySpace

I’ve also been amused by the whimsical way in which MySpace users create pages for their favorite saints and celebrities. I was most unhappy to find that no such page existed for Julian of Norwich. So I rectified the situation!

Julian of Norwich on MySpace

Incidentally, the layout I’m using (as of this posting) is adapted from a wondeful one created by Mike Industries.

Have fun…

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  1. I blatantly stole an idea from your MySpace page – I put the same version of Ave Maria by Chanticleer on my own page,

    Sorry to be a copycat, but it’s *such* a beautiful song!

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