Yet another website makeover…

One of the many features I love about having a WordPress website/blog is that it gives me detailed information about which pages people link to (and which links people use to come to the site). I’ve been rather humbled to discover that two old pages (that date back to my earliest website that I created back in the mid-1990s) still have many live links out there in cyberland, links which send several visitors to my site each day. One of those links pointed to a page I had created called “Spiritual Formation Online” in which I reflected on the practices of contemplative prayer, writing and maintaining a rule of life, and working with a spiritual director; the other pointed to the original “Website of Unknowing,” which was a collection of mini-biographies of the five English mystics of the 14th & early 15th centuries.

I retired both of those pages a while back. But word apparently never got out, and all sorts of inbound links meant that many visitors to my site were greeted with an unceremonious “Error 404 – Not Found” page. Not too impressive!

So I’ve decided I need to resurrect both of those pages. Thus, you will see links to Formation and Mystics on my header graphic. For now, those links just point to place holder pages. But I’ve begun to sketch out what those new and improved pages will look like. The “mysticism” page will include biographies (and recommended reading lists) for not only the English mystics, but select other figures of the western contemplative tradition (by “western” I mean Christian in all its permutations, as well as Kabbalistic, Sufi and Neoplatonic mystics). The “formation” page will encompass not only meditation and contemplation, but will include some more specifically Benedictine practices like lectio divina and the ladder of humility.

I’ve got to pay the piper somehow, and if I’m going to add two entirely new sections to my website (they’re still new even though they’re based on old pages, because I’m basically starting both from scratch), then something will have to go. What’s getting the ax: the annotated bibliography page (which, for now, you can still access here). I haven’t updated it in a while, over the past month it got less than 50 hits, and frankly I’m more interested in writing in-depth book reviews than little “mini-reviews” (something I got over-full of back in my Pagan days when I wrote The Well-Read Witch). So that page has already been demoted, and will eventually disappear.

So there you have it. Thanks for reading, and keep coming back…

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