So this explains why Americans vote the way they do!

One in four adult Americans read no books at all last year…

Liberals read more books than conservatives…

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  1. dear sir mccolman,

    i would like to send to you my deepest and most sincere thank you. your book “embracing jesus and the goddess” really made not only my day, but my life. (sorry that i have to post it here as a comment, but i don’t know your email address.)

    i am raisa from the philippines and i can absolutely relate to your book. like you, i have also jumped from being a christian, catholic to be precise, to a wiccan and back or BOTH. but then it came to a point, recently that i felt that there is really something lacking in my life… my spirituality of serving the goddess did not fit my catholic beliefs. but i love the goddess. i can relate and somehow, understand her ways and teachings. that is why i can’t leave her. but then, i just can’t leave my jesus either.

    when i serve, apply and love jesus (which later on, i have found out would be the institutionalized jesus lol) i feel that i am slipping away from the power of my true self — being female… and when i serve, apply and love the goddess, i feel like a sinner!

    “what to do?!?” indeed!

    i started to feel that i am at a spiritual loss… would jesus hate me for loving my feminine power and the female aspect of the divine? i thought he was about liberation, love and freedom? and i thought that the divine is neither man nor woman? why would he not like the idea of having a female divine?

    but then, your book offered what i was trying to find since the start of my life… the essence of jesus and wicca… and how both can be reconciled or how both supplement and reinforce each other.

    although you humbly say that your comment “if jesus was here today he’d be a witch” is based on pure speculation, i would just like to say that that line would only be misunderstood by people who cannot reach your intellect or perception. in good fortune, i understood why you said that, and i agree to it.

    i also agree with how you structured institutionalized jesus with the jesus before christianity. these were the concepts that i have been longing to grasp. THANK YOU for placing it in a book so that i may see it right in front of me finally in paper!

    may you be blesed sir! always! and i know and hope in my heart that your “speculations” will soon be prized wisdoms of generations to come.

    a saved soul by your book,

  2. Wow. I’m humbled.

    Since most of my ministry and teaching these days is among Christians who would misunderstand and likely be frightened by the notion of “If Jesus were here today, he would be a witch,” it’s not language I’ve used much recently. But I’m glad the book is still out there, helping visionary seekers like yourself connect a few dots here and there. These days I would probably re-phrase that statement along lines like this: “Jesus calls us to our highest consciousness and deepest love, transcending and including all of the world’s wisdom and all the world’s faith: Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Wiccan, Muslim, Jewish, shamanic, indigenous, humanist, Hindu, tribal, etc. etc. We are called to the consciousness of love, which is the consciousness of reconciliation and forgiveness. In this mystical place, Jesus and the Goddess, Mohammed and the Buddha, Moses and Krishna, White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Morrigan, Gaia and God — all are brought into unity, joy, and ecstatic love. And the marriage chamber where this sacred union is comsummated is our own passionate heart, conscious soul, perceptive mind, and feeling body. Amen! So be it.”

    A bit wordier, perhaps, but more accurate a depiction of where I am these days.



  3. It’s interesting that many people don’t see the difference between reading books and getting their information from magazines or the internet. Although I love to surf, I still feel more satisfied by reading books because themes are developed more fully (for the most part).

  4. thank you so much for your reply sir. and i also agree with your rephrasing of that line. like you, i also believe that all spiritual paths have the same essence… love, liberation and empowerment… if only people would have this vast perception and heart… there would be more peace in this world.

    peace and blessed be to you.

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