A Tongue that Cannot Lie

According to Scottish legend, when the queen of fair elfland whisked Thomas of Erceldoune away in the 12th century to play his harp and sing for her wild weekend of partying (a weekend that lasted about seven years on this side of the veil!), she was so happy with his service that when she returned him to Scotland, she gave him a gift: a tongue that cannot lie. Of course, a gift like this can also be a curse…

I am reminded of Maggie Kuhn’s immortal command, “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” Telling the truth really is a gift. Maybe not so much when you’re trying to  flirt with someone and you don’t want to (immediately) divulge that it’s marriage or sex you’ve got on your mind. But when it comes to talking about what we really think about religion, or authority, or the powerful discontinuities in our own hearts and souls, telling the truth can be revolutionary.

Just be prepared for when the fighting begins.

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