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Quote for the Day

Come Holy Spirit, Spirit of Love, Spirit of Discipline, In the Silence Come to us and bring us your peace;Rest in us that we may be tranquil and still; Speak to us as each heart needs to hear; Reveal to us things hidden and things longed for; Rejoice in us that we may praise and be glad;Pray in us that we may be at one with you and with each other; Refresh and Renew us from your living springs of water; Dwell in us now and always. Amen. — Robert Llewelyn, With Pity Not With Blame: The S … [Read more...]

Quiz of the Moment

You scored as Idealist, Idealism centers around the belief that we are moving towards something greater. An odd mix of evolutionist and spiritualist, you see the divine within ourselves, waiting to emerge over time. Many religious traditions express how the divine spirit lost its identity, thus creating our world of turmoil, but in time it will find itself and all things will again become one.Idealist 88% Cultural Creative 75% Postmodernist 69% Modernist 56% … [Read more...]

Terra Fide

As an ex-neopagan who now works in a Catholic bookstore, I have an interesting perspective on things. Yesterday, a woman called the store because she wanted to order some of the monastery-blended incense we sell. As we spoke, she made this comment: "I'm so glad to have found you. So much of the incense that you see for sale these days comes from Pagans and Wiccans." She emphasized her contempt when she said "Pagans" and "Wiccans," almost as if she were speaking of something unutterably evil. I … [Read more...]

Love them all. Let God sort them out.

When the Catholics were fighting the Cathars in the thirteenth century, the French city of Beziers was under Cathar control — but after a siege, fell to the Catholics. About to enter the city, the commander wondered about how he could distinguish the true heretics from others who may have been faithful to the pope. Apparently the papal representative responded to this question with the now legendary phrase, "Kill them all, God will recognize his own." Over the years it has morphed into the s … [Read more...]

Every Earthly Blessing

Every Earthly Blessing: Rediscovering the Celtic Tradition By Esther De Waal Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Publishing, 1999 Review by Carl McColmanI'm going to get a bit more personal in this review than I normally do when writing about books. Considering the subject matter — Celtic spirituality — it seems fitting, not only because Celtic wisdom has been so instrumental in my own spiritual life, but because the Celtic tradition honors intimacy and relatedness; in other words, it's not really a tra … [Read more...]

A Tongue that Cannot Lie

According to Scottish legend, when the queen of fair elfland whisked Thomas of Erceldoune away in the 12th century to play his harp and sing for her wild weekend of partying (a weekend that lasted about seven years on this side of the veil!), she was so happy with his service that when she returned him to Scotland, she gave him a gift: a tongue that cannot lie. Of course, a gift like this can also be a curse...I am reminded of Maggie Kuhn's immortal command, "Speak your mind, even if your … [Read more...]