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Last night I finally got around to fixing my RSS feed through LiveJournal. For almost a year now it had been pointing to my old blog URL (from when my blog was hosted at SquareSpace) which means that none of the subscribers were getting my new posts. But now it’s fixed. So there are sixty-some (and counting) “new” readers of this blog (“new” is in quotes because many of you were reading me back when I was active on LiveJournal, from mid-2003 through early 2006). Welcome to my WordPress blog, you guys.

I hope that new readers (whether on LiveJournal or not) will take the time to visit the various nooks and crannies of www.anamchara.com. I moved my blog away from LiveJournal to SquareSpace a year and a half ago because I wanted a blog that was seamlessly integrated with a traditional website (where I could post all my old essays, articles, etc., as well as develop new content on my favorite subjects: the great writings of western mysticism, and how to cultivate a spiritual practice). I moved from SquareSpace to WordPress for Scottish reasons, basically: SquareSpace was costing $12 bucks a month, while WordPress is free. You do the math…

As a professional writer turned blogger, I feel like I still don’t fully appreciate the promise and potential of blogging. It really deconstructs the lines that separate intimate writing (diaries, letters) from public writing (books, essays, reviews) and, thanks to commentary and feedback (both on and off the blog) that happens usually within minutes or hours of a post being published, it is revolutionizing the editorial process as well. Since my theology is pretty much evolutionary in how I understand the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, I think it’s tremendous fun to write in this evolutionary medium. Who knows what treasures of spiritual insight we will discover together?

PS to the LiveJournal Subscribers: When the feed was finally updated, LJ picked up everything I had written over the last week. Which means you got inundated with about a dozen posts! Sorry about that, I usually only post 5-10 times a week, so things will slow down from here on out.

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  • http://www.brand32.com Sean McPeak

    Great blog. Who are you using now. Its not clear to me. Live Journal or Word Press. Thanks. God Bless.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

    The Website of Unknowing — http://www.anamchara.com — is hosted by WordPress. My older blog, earthmystic.livejournal.com, is, as the URL suggests, found at LiveJournal.

  • http://www.brand32.com Sean McPEak

    Go raibh míle maith agat, “God mentor”.