Brigid’s Well

I’ve created a new page for this website that I’m calling the Holy Well. Eventually I’d like it to be a page devoted to Celtic Spirituality, in much the same way as my Mystics page is devoted to the great contemplatives of the western tradition and the Spiritual Formation page is devoted to the practice of Christian spirituality. But for now, I needed some content just to get the page going, so I resurrected a page from the old “Brigid’s Well” website I had set up in my druid days. Basically it consists of photographs taken at the Holy Well dedicated to Brigid just about a mile away from the town center of Kildare.

To this day I consider Brigid’s Well the epicenter of my spiritual quest that found in the riches of indigenous Irish spirituality a lovely doorway into the Christian mysteries. I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures and that they can give you at least a glimpse of the natural loveliness and prayerful spirituality to be found in this peaceful place.

Visit the Holy Well page.

Patricia Monaghan 1946-2012
Mass in Jig Minor
Remembering John O'Donohue
Purity and Hospitality
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  • Linda Myers

    I will be visiting the Holy Wells again this summer. Thank you for making them available through here.