Matthew 14:25

Matthew 14:25 says, “In the fourth watch of the night he came towards them, walking on the sea.”

Jesus, walking on the water.

It occurred to me this morning that this single verse holds the key to the three basic types of faith: magical, rational, and mystical.

  • The magical person reads Matthew 14:25 and says, “This proves that Jesus was the Son of God.”
  • The rational person reads this verse and says, “This proves that the Gospel is just a myth.”
  • The mystical person reads it and says, “This doesn’t particularly prove anything, but it certainly stretches the imagination to all that might be possible when we are immersed in the Divine.”

Which one are you?

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  • Raven~

    Carl, leaving aside textual analysis, exegesis, and hermeneutic, I think it means that Jesus had a command of the interplay of energy-matter-spirit, and He was literally — as well as metaphorically — able to walk on water (WINK!).

    And, as my beloved friend and soul-sister reminded me, if Jesus could walk on water, so then can we. (All these things that I have done, and more, shall you do … “)

    So, is that a fourth category? Literalist magico-mystics? (GRIN!)

    Theoi este!

  • Carl McColman

    While the Rational category generally rejects the Magical, the Mystical tries to include the prior two categories even while it transcends them. So I don’t see you as articulating a fourth category, but rather beautifully articulating the third! The mystic notes that the text doesn’t prove anything, but could just as easily say the test doesn’t disprove anything, either…

  • Darrell Grizzle

    I love your articulation of the mystical response! Guess I’m mystical with a strong leaning toward magical.

  • Raven~

    Darrell, Carl … you honor us (i.e., moi-meme and my soul-sister, Alison)

    I’m so grateful that Darrell pointed me to this site! Some day, I hope JohnBear and I can visit Atlanta … in the meantimes, please continue to uphold us in prayer.

    Samsun sends greetings to Kato …

    fondly, R~