On the Road Again…

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I fly to Virginia to visit with my father in my hometown of Hampton. I’ll be there through the weekend and will return to Georgia on Monday. I may or may not have Internet access while I’m up there (I imagine I’ll get my laptop into a wi-fi hotspot at some point, just don’t know when). I’ll be back in Atlanta by noon Monday, and after lunching with an old friend I hope I’ll make it downtown to hear the Dalai Lama speak at Atlanta’s Centennial Park, although my aversion to crowds may win out over my desire to see one of my spiritual heroes.

I should be back in the saddle by Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully by then I’ll come up with something nice and spiritual/controversial/thought provoking for you to read.

Pentecost and Ecstasy
Sanctity and Struggle, or, Why Saints Have Chaotic Inner Lives (Hint: It's Because We All Do)
In Memoriam: Kenneth Leech
What Has Not Yet Been Revealed
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  • Elizabeth

    God Speed!!
    I just read Thursday’s entry … and I think the ‘bear’ is on the right track… Theresa of Avila always needed a book to ‘jumpstart’ her prayer; Thank you for this ‘blog’ .. it nourishes; it gathers; it is a vehicle of the Spirit. Peace on you and all who read your words.