“This user has disabled anonymous and non-friend posting.”

Does anyone who reads this mostly dormant journal know ?

This person has written a lovely comment about a recent post in my blog. I had wanted to post a thank you comment, but am barred from doing so by the fact that I am not listed as one of ‘s friends.

The ironies of the internet, where we can access one another’s thoughts so easily and yet have built gated cybercommunities to keep each other at a safe distance.

At any rate, if anyone could facilitate an introduction between us, I’d be grateful.

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  1. hello there friend,

    I do not know this user. and you are right, about ironies of the internet. they are so many.

    just wanted to let you know, i will be shuffling off Phoenix and Dragon In late November. but i will give you my email address, so we can stay in touch! i miss your kindness and wisdom Carl, it has been much too long.

    Warmest Regards,

  2. one way to do it+ off topic just if you have time and intrest

    a thing I have done in such a case
    is to find the person’s friends and
    then find a comment from them on the
    their friends post.
    I would not spend a lot of time on this
    but in fact it worked rather quickly the
    time I did it…
    on another matter and not to sell a book but
    because if you had time I would be interested
    in your response ,there is this book in the
    making(may still be added to and taken by a
    mainstream publisher as we have not pushed on
    to get an isbn etc yet)

  3. Sorry about that, I thought I’d set my comments to disable anonymous posting only, but apparently not.

    I’ve been reading your blog off and on for some time, first finding you when you were doing the blog (“Cracking Julian’s Hazelnut” I believe it was) for beliefnet. My path has been somewhat similar to yours, in that I was involved in the Neo-Pagan community for over 10 years before finding my way to the Episcopal Church. I, however, was raised in a strict fundamentalist Pentecostal home, so I went from one far end of the spectrum to the other, which probably is a bit more of a shift than going, as you did, from Anglican to Roman Catholic!

    At any rate, I look forward to reading more of your wonderful entries in the future. They continue to inspire me and give me much food for thought.


  4. thought from the name to friend her myself but the
    latest entry that the presidency is a ‘demonic
    nightmare’ seems a tad overheated to this (bless me
    pater for I have done it) habitual republican voter’s
    ears…anywho in these cases a strategy is to look at
    one of her friends,they are not many so , and find where
    she responds on a post and then answer to that

  5. and why the deuce…?

    and why the deuce did you leave
    regular posting on livejournal?
    I say regretfully

  6. Metatron

    I posted today on Metatron
    you might be interested but also I would
    welcome your additions or shared thought
    the title ‘youth’ “Na’ar”
    particularly interests me

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