If you are interested in Christian mysticism, please read this post

If you are interested in Christian mysticism, please go to my blog and read this post – and please answer one or more of the questions I list at the end of the post:


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    I will also put it here

    I prefer live journal inasmuch anyway as I do not have
    time to link and attend blogs and have of course some
    940 people to attend to here so having written the response
    there I will also put it here for any nonblog people and
    for any back and forth on it …but I would be interested
    in your response to the question of books changing life
    I raise. is my case unique in this or special? doubt it?
    of course there are books I have liked a great deal
    including spiritual ones
    I guess to fill out the response on one point ,edmund fuller
    wrote a book of lit crit called “books with men behind them”
    so it is with a spiritual book…I would like to have more
    books like those of frere roger of taize not so much for
    their content, in his case as in many he has certain intuitions
    which reappear every thime, but for his deep and so fully
    realized personhood standing behind it and creating and
    making legitimate so much in the world…
    or Jean Vanier still with us…or Alexander Men or John Paul II
    or so many others of course. But it is the persons ,those who
    in their person open ways, whom one wishes more of and now
    my reply and question.

    Mysticism relates to the personal relation to God of
    a person and to the experience and awareness of that
    realtion. I have read of course very extensively in this
    area but while there have been books which were
    interesting and somehow important to me I do not
    believe any were ‘life changing’ I think for one thing
    Graham Greene got it about right that as to life forming
    books those we read in childhood are perhaps the most
    important. My mother read to me among other things
    pilgrim’s progress and alice in wonderland these perhaps
    verified intuiitions I already had of the world. When I found
    poems I had written at age four and five and six I was a
    little surprised in these (parentally typed) pretty much
    the thoughts I have had since
    “I will sing you a song of the wonder of the world”
    and at age four
    ” I woke up very early
    And I saw the dark
    Running along behind the trees.
    Then I saw a little door
    Open in a cloud
    And the sun walked in. “
    I am perplexed as to how, having really attained no further deep
    intuitions, a book could be said to have changed my life?

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    The sort of book that I would like to see written

    I suppose as to books that one would like to see written
    I should say that well …
    of the sort of
    The Unknowable(Unfathomable) of Nicholas da Kusa
    Reality and Man Simeon Frank

    if seems to me that the thought of these books,
    deep and mystical, is fully appropriate to the
    time that is coming in a particular way of opening
    out theology. the changable changed one could say
    the same of the writings of Frere Roger of Taize.
    I would also say that the essay
    Fireflies at Dusk:The Wisdom of Solomon and Theosis
    by John Chico Martin
    fits this description and is a tour de force.
    I would be interested in your response to it?
    I have sent it to Princeton Theological Review
    and of course it is in our developing book at
    and though imperfect as to line breaks at my journal

    again I would be most interested in your thought on it??

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    I am so glad I’ve found you. In November 2006 I decided that I could no longer function without some form of spirituality in my life. Having been raised a Catholic but having rejected the church for a long while I looked long and hard at alternative religions and came back to one thing. I approved and believed in many of the messages of Neo-Paganism but I trusted much of what I’d been taught as a child. I believe in one God.

    Now I am trying to combine the things I hold dear and the Spiritual truths I have learned from many traditions, (I am a teacher living in east London and so have a number of faiths being practiced around me,) into a coherent practice that can be lived everyday and that enhances the spirituality of both myself and my family.

    I hope that by friending you and communities that you are involved with and by reading the website you will further add to my journey,

    Thank-you for your time,

    Love and light