My Weekend

Fran has begun taking guitar lessons, and last night she and Rhiannon and I attended a concert by her teacher’s band, The Georgia Fireflies. They do down home folk / bluegrass / Americana kind of stuff: Carter family and so forth. It was a fun gig. The concert took place at Decatur CD, which is arguably the coolest CD shop for miles around.

This morning I met a friend of mine for coffee and then joined another friend — whose first book was recently published — for lunch at the always-wonderful Café Sunflower in Sandy Springs.

Tonight we attended an art opening at the Art Station, Stone Mountain’s amazing arts center. The show supported the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia, and featured paintings by a couple of people we know.

Tomorrow morning I teach at the Episcopal Church of the Atonement; in the afternoon I’ll be working on my new book and then we’ll attend the evening mass at Corpus Christi.

What a great weekend.

Here are links to the various folks I’ve mentioned in this post…

Music. Art. Wonderful food. Great friends. Inspiring places to worship. Life is good.

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