Poetry Chaikhana

My friend Cliff just alerted me of the existence of a website called Poetry Chaikhana – Sacred Poetry from Around the World: Sufi Poetry, Zen Poetry, Hindu Poetry, Buddhist Poetry, Christian Poetry, Yoga Poetry. Basically it’s a resource for a wide selection of mystical poetry from around the globe. Currently there’s a poem by William Blake on their home page. Needless to say, that warmed my heart.

What is a Chaikhana?
A chaikhana is a teahouse along the legendary Silk Road pilgrimage and trading route linking China to the Middle East and Europe. It is a place of rest along the journey, a place to shake off the dust of the road, to sip tea, and to gather together to sing songs of the Divine…

— From the Poetry Chaikhana Website

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  1. it’s hard to rest in between these mind ramblings, a chaikhana would be nice. I too love the universe and am a dedicated wordsmith to putting it into perspective – please come visit my site

  2. Hi there. Thought you might enjoy this: http://jkfowler.com/2009/11/09/sense/. Cheers, JK.

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