“A Brief History of Everything” through Evening at Emory

Here’s my next class through Evening at Emory:

A Brief History of Everything
Five Wednesday Evenings, February 6-March 7, 2008
7 – 9 PM

American philosopher Ken Wilber writes books that combine eastern and western spirituality, psychology, biology, cultural theory, and other strands of contemporary thought to create what the author calls “integral theory.” Wilber seeks to bridge the divide between science and religion, explain the dynamics of human consciousness and moral development, and speculate on the future evolution of our species. Despite the complexity of his thought, many of Wilber’s books are written in an accessible style, including the textbook for this class, A Brief History of Everything. In this class we’ll read the book, discuss its merits and flaws, and consider how Wilber’s ideas can impact both the scientific and spiritual communities. Tuition includes textbook.

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This will be the third time I’ve taught this class; it usually fills up so I suggest you register early. It’s a fun class, I really try to encourage differing viewpoints: it’s not about finding the “one correct way” of interpreting Ken Wilber’s thought, but rather using his ideas as an intellectual and spiritual springboard to consider how the evolution of consciousness can make a difference in our everyday lives.

If you live in the Atlanta area, I hope you’ll be there!

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