Forever Young

This photograph of my mom and dad was taken on December 29, 2003. They were both eighty years old at the time, and had been married just over 58 years. They were married on December 14, 1945, so today is their 62nd anniversary.

Young Lovers

Here is a snapshot taken on December 14, 1945, the day they got married.

Mom and Dad, 12/14/45

They only knew each other for about six months when they married, and for much of that time, dad was stationed away from mom so they courted through the mail. As for the big day — well, they eloped, so they didn’t have a big wedding with fancy clothes or a professional photographer. Mostly they just had each other.

Mom had a stroke in June 2005 and passed away this past January, shortly after their sixty-first anniversary. They were sweethearts up until the very end, and dad was single-mindedly devoted to her during her long descent into dementia. Today is their first anniversary after having been parted by death. Dad is doing okay; he’s in a nursing home but his health is basically good and his mind is mostly clear. Fran and Rhiannon and I will go up to Virginia to see him for Christmas. When we took the picture in 2003 — I don’t even know if Fran or I took the picture — we thought it was just another nice snapshot of mom and dad. Now I think it is utterly priceless. Funny how our perspectives can change.

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  • Sue

    Oh, Carl, what a beautiful snap of your parents. You must be so glad you got that one before your mum passed away