Happy Christmas

It’s almost time for bed, but I wanted to post a couple of photos to the blog and write about our happy Christmas. Fran and Rhiannon and I are in Hampton, Virginia, visiting my father.

Dad, Christmas 2007

We exchanged gifts; as usual, my loot consisted mostly of media, from The Origin of Fire by Anonymous 4, to Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O’Murchu, to — lest anything think I’m all work and no play — Ratatouille. After the presents were all unwrapped, Fran got out her guitar (an “early” gift from my sister-in-law Julie) and we all sang Christmas carols.

Christmas Caroling, 2007

Later in the afternoon my niece Beth Ann came down from Richmond and we went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant (the only place in town we knew would be open).

This is our first Christmas since losing Mom. I was braced for it to be a toughie, but I think everyone was just happy to be together. We knew Mom was with us in spirit.

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  1. Carl,

    I read some of your postings over at Catholic Answers and decided to drop by your blog. I have not been through much of it but I plan to root around, looks like you have a lot of interesting things to say. I was struck by your blog title. I am not familiar with the 14th Century work you refer to. I am reminded of a Daoist teaching (very roughly, and from memory): — Those that know the answers are very difficult to guide. Once they accept that they do not know, they can begin to find the way. The great gift of the Master to the student is the gift of not knowing. — I don’t know if that is the same theme you are expressing, but it speaks a lot to me about my own search for Christian truth.

    Tom (TMC at CAF)

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