New Testament Mysticism

Here’s a website that looks tasty:

The Society of Biblical Literature’s New Testament Mysticism Project Seminar.

As the website puts it,

The New Testament Mysticism Project Seminar (NTMPS) was organized under the auspices of the Society of Biblical Literature to facilitate the study of early Jewish and Christian mystical traditions in the New Testament writings.
The NTMPS understands early Jewish and Christian mysticism as a tradition located within formative Judaism and Christianity, a tradition centering on the belief that a person directly, immediately and before death can experience God or his manifestation.

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  • http://iamapoem.blogspot.com/ Diane

    Thanks for the info I’ll look at it. I’ve been really busy with my kids.
    Merry Christmas to you too :)
    – Diane

  • http://punctum-saliens.org ken

    Do you know when something will be available from them? A quick look at the website indicated that they would publish after writing commentary on the entire N.T. Since they’ve only done Matthew so far, it sounds like it’s going to take decades! Hopefully they’ll make something available in the interim.