Celtic Compline

Here's something lovely that I discovered on the web this morning: A Celtic Liturgy for Late Evening, composed by Adrian Worsfold, a British blogger who calls himself Pluralist.It's quite lovely. True to his pluralist sensibility, he draws from Christian, Jewish, and Druidic sources, and has created rubrics for the service to allow portions of the liturgy to be omitted as a way of including those with differing theologies or faith traditions. It is a leaderless service and suitable for both … [Read more...]

Thank you, dear readers

During this Holy Season of Advent, I want to take a moment and thank everyone who reads this blog, with a special "Thank you" to those who take the time to comment on what is posted here.If you've been reading my online musings and reveries for more than the past nine months, you'll know that I've had a website since the mid-1990s, but I only started blogging on LiveJournal back in 2003 or so. I eventually begin to see LiveJournal as something of a ghetto, so I took my blog to Squarespace in … [Read more...]

Christ, Plato, and France

Every now and then I'm fascinated at how books that cross my desk seem to be connected. Here are two books I've recently come across: one is brand new, the other a few years old:The Christian Platonism of Simone Weil, edited by E. Jane Doering and Eric O. Springsted; University of Notre Dame Press, 2004 Christian Metaphysics and Neoplatonism by Albert Camus, translated with an introduction by Ronald D. Srigley; University of Missouri Press, 2007Haven't read either one yet, so I can't … [Read more...]

Mysticism, Scripture, Tradition and Reason

I have just now read yet another post from a blogger who attacks contemplative prayer. I'm going to have to give this up for Lent, and start two months early. It's rather soul-numbing to slog through such writing devoted to the ideology of fear, particularly since I'm just not learning anything new. Again and again, it's all the same old arguments:Contemplation/Meditation/Mysticism is gnostic; Contemplation/Meditation/Mysticism is eastern spirituality in … [Read more...]

The Gospel of John (Lennon)

Yesterday John Lennon's Imagine popped into my life twice. Twice in one day...While driving home from mass, suddenly I was singing it. Which was a little odd, since I don't typically sing John Lennon songs, and I don't recall having heard it lately. But there it was, rolling off my tongue: "No hell below us... above us only sky..." I thought about how bizarre it was when about five or six years ago or so I attended a funeral at a Presbyterian Church of a former boss of mine, and a soloist … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

The meaning of language has been said to reside in its use—but on whose part? Naturally, on the part of the one who knows how to impose himself, that is, on the part of power. The language of the strong has become a weapon. A Christian discourse should be conscious of this use (abuse) by those who hold power. — Raimon Panikkar, Christophany: The Fullness of Man … [Read more...]

Rudolph’s new buddies

This picture of me and Rhiannon was taken on Christmas 2004, at my Mom's and Dad's house. It was our final Christmas before Mom's stroke.I absolutely adore this picture. It captures the spirit of Rhiannon's and my relationship better than just about any photo we have. … [Read more...]