The Dark Night of the Soul for free…

Here’s an entry to this blog I originally posted back in September:

The wonderful Christian Audio company sells downloadable MP3s and CDs of inspirational audiobooks; their catalog includes a number of mystical classics, including The Rule of St. Benedict, The Imitation of Christ, and The Practice of the Presence of God. Plus they have lots of wonderful works by more contemporary authors, ranging from Henri Nouwen to Richard Foster to N. T. Wright.

Each month, Christian Audio offers one of their titles as a free download. Yes, that’s right: free, no charge, not even a credit card number is required. You just have to enter the provided coupon code when you go through the checkout process.

In September, the free audiobook was The Interior Castle by the great Spanish Carmelite mystic, St. Teresa of Avila. When I wrote that post, I warned my readers that this particular free audiobook would only be available until the end of that month.

Well, if you missed The Interior Castle, don’t despair. This month’s free audiobook is another towering classic of Christian mysticism: The Dark Night of the Soul, by Teresa’s colleague and confessor, St. John of the Cross.

What are you waiting for — follow this link to download your free copy! (This offer expires on December 31, 2007, but if you’re reading this after that date, follow the link anyway, as something else well worth listening to will be available — a new free download is offered each month).

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  1. Thanks! That is awesome!

  2. Your headline reads like you’re offering an actual Dark Night of the Soul for free. :o)

    Perhaps on my blog I’ll offer Existential Angst for free…

  3. Free Torment, Narcissism, Flagellation, Self-destruction…
    Who needs Gitmo? Or Victoria’s Secret?
    It is true that the history of mysticism includes a lot of pathological (that is, downright unhealthy) negative emotional experience that is likely free for the taking….(For a quick sample you can have a look at William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience, Books 6 & 7.)
    But I think I will check out Christian Audio’s offer of the classic by John of the Cross, expecting that it will turn out to be a lot healthier than mere angst, and that there will be joy coming in the morning!
    Sorry if my twisted sense of humor is offensive to anybody…

  4. Peter, your humor is wonderful! But I must confess, that after reading the first line of your comment, I almost deleted it as spam!

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