The Butler, Tea, and Single Malt

I was poking around Beth Patterson’s Virtual Teahouse this morning, and found a link that led me to a link (!) to Jesse Kornbluth’s wonderful tribute to John O’Donohue at Headbutler. Probably the most wonderful and heartfelt tribute to the Connemara mystic I’ve yet to see. You’ll want to check out what O’Donohue said one morning after a bottle of single malt whisky had bested him.

And while you’re at it, take some time to get to know both the Virtual Teahouse and Headbutler. The Virtual Teahouse is a community forum “engaging the spirituality of everyday life;” readers are encouraged to submit their own stories of hope, healing, wisdom and dreams. And while I personally find the notion of a “head butler” just a little too vividly evocative of the dazed and confused days of my youth, the site itself has a neat concept, not entirely unlike what I’m trying to do with my book reviews here at the Website of Unknowing: Kornbluth, a former content editor at AOL, happily serves up his opinions of various cultural treasures (books, movies, CDs, etc.) that may have slipped pass the radar of the mainstream.

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  • Sean Patrick O’Reilly

    Please let all know that they are invited to John O’Donohue’s Celtic Memorial in Seattle, Washington on January 26 at 3pm. See

    Beannachtai (Blessings),
    Sean Patrick O’Reilly
    Celtic Minister

  • Beth

    Hello Carl–
    Thanks for connecting in to the Virtual Tea House. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope some of your readers come on over for a virtual spot of tea!

    I’m also enjoying tremendously ‘The Website of Unknowing’. The outward and inward ripples of John O’Donohue’s death catch me each day. Something will flutter by in my mind, and I remembmer this man’s life as so full of the depth of love that all we who are left behind can do is go deeper into the mystery of what it means to really be alive and to waken from the dream-walk.

    Maybe we should both provide a place on our respective sites where we can share ‘O’Donohue Moments’…that might be a sweet spot and help us keep awake…

    “Stay together friends. Don’t scatter and sleep. Our Friendship is made of being awake,” —Rumi