Mystery of the Missing Camera

Here is a fun story about a couple in NYC who found a lost digital camera and located its owner — an Irishman living in Australia — merely by deciphering clues from the photos in the camera’s memory.

Think twice before you start deleting photographs from your camera.

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  1. that is truly moving in a fun sort of way. i love when scavenger hunt things like that happen in life.

  2. I lost my digital camera while diving off the coast of Maui (Lanai) It has over 200 pictures of our trip. Hope to get lucky and have someone find it and look at the photos and somehow trace it back to me. If anybody is out in Maui or Lanai and did find a underwater camera, I have a reward waiting for you. Email me at Who knows, maybe someone in Japan might find it. I lost the camera on Father’s day. Where it is today would be really interesting to know.

  3. I lost my camera when I was vacationing in Dublin, Ireland. Before I went on vacation I had researched lost and found recovery services to make sure that I was prepared, as my camera was very new and quite expensive. I purchased labels from a site called TrackItBack. When I lost my camera I felt awful, I wasn’t sure I was going to see it again. a few hours later I recieved a call on my cell phone stating that someone had found my camera and that TrackItBack was going to have it delivered to me within the next few hours. 3 hours later my camera was returned directly to my hotel. I have since come back and have put these labels on almost everything I own. TrackItBack is a great service and I wanted to pass this information along because I am confident it many people can benefit from it.

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