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Like an ancient galleon that has spent ages at sea, Christianity is encrusted with customs and attitudes acquired on its voyage through the centuries and it is making the tragic mistake of confusing the accidents of theological and cultural history with eternal truth.

— Richard Holloway, Doubts and Loves:
What is Left of Christianity

Concerning Emergence, Contemplation, and the Faith of the Future
Five Approaches to InterSpirituality
In Memoriam: Kenneth Leech
Our Words, Our Breath, Our Bodies, Our Spirit
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  • http://fakeexpressionsoftheunkown.wordpress.com/ fakeexpressionsoftheunkown

    A grand metaphor!!
    Let’s hope we can keep the old lady afloat and not sink the vessel though poor seamenship.

  • Peter

    Well, in this same metaphor I’ve spent much of the last several years in a ship’s boat out exploring some unknown waters…
    However, I can’t deny my origins from the mother ship, and I do acknowledge that she is pretty crusted over….Hmmm, I wonder if it is possible for her to keep going toward her destined port, to clean off enough of the barnacles to make her journey safe?
    Or do we all have to jump into the lifeboats before the Titanic finally sinks?
    What do y’all think? All positive contributions welcome!

  • http://frimmin.com/ Jon

    Well, It’s no longer “Christianity” I’m concerned about. It’s following Jesus, whether or not that looks/feels/smells like “Christianity” as it’s been defined. I have a strong sense that when I practice Zen, I’m indeed following him… And I have no doubt that motion of following his teachings will survive whether or not the ships that bear his name do.