The ever-vigilant Mike Morrell alerted me to this one. Whew! I’m glad he did. I was on the primrose path for sure…

The New Monasticism is Really Really Bad

This Weekend: from the Mountains to the Inner City
What not to say to the Dalai Lama...
Coming back from the desert


  1. Hahahaha! Thanks for sharing that. Jesus Manifesto is one of my favorite sites.

  2. Michael Flanagan says:

    Thanks for sharing this article on the New Monasticism. I feel like I’ve been shot at and missed.

  3. “a pig in a silk dress”? Is that supposed to be a bad thing? Miss Piggy would take exception to that!

  4. I think the church really needs to be on the guard against pigs in silk dresses. Anyway you cut it, pigs in dresses (silk or otherwise) are unnatural and therefore contrary to God’s plan. No offense to Miss Piggy, but she’s the porcine equivalent to Matthew Fox, Thomas Keating or John Shelby Spong. Beware!!!

  5. What about Pig’s in argyle sweaters?

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