A few weeks ago, a reader commented on my post in which I expressed my support for the ordination of women: One is either Catholic or he (purposely did not write “he/she” here) is not. One cannot be 99.9% Catholic. You either are or you are not. Obedience is better than sacrifice, and is best when it is a sacrifice. In other words: the cafeteria is closed.For those of you who don't get the allusion: when Cardinal Ratzinger was elected to be Pope Benedict XVI in 2005, conservatives and ult … [Read more...]

Remain in Love

Yesterday a reader of this blog named Simon made this response to my post in which I announced that I'm writing a book on Christian mysticism: Just something that immediately springs to mind. Do we really need another book on Christian mysicism? I mean, when is it going to end? There are whole libraries full of them. How about everybody, start at the Gospel, take what Jesus said seriously and take it from there? So much of this search for mysticism is just plain navel gazing and distraction. Do … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

For Christ is revealed as the incarnation of God's love for us: he is the great lover, and the Church is his beloved, and we in her. Academic theology finds its coherence, literally comes into being as a possibility, as we find in Christ God loving us and longing for our love. And it is this response to God's love for us that is the central concern of spirituality. Prayer is in essence the loving pursuit of the beloved. The great part that silence plays in prayer has an analogy in the fact that … [Read more...]

Spirituality & The Aspiring Mystic

I have just finished a conversation with my literary agent, and I have wonderful news. My first two books, Spirituality and The Aspiring Mystic, both of which have been out of print for several years, have just been picked up by a new publisher that is specializing in reprinting books by living authors.Spirituality will come out first, hopefully within the next few months. It will feature a new foreword that I will be writing, new cover design, and probably a new sub-title (I never did like … [Read more...]

Dogma, Dogmatically

My post yesterday on America's Unfaithful Faithful elicited some very interesting comments. Consider these snippets: Religion and Politics have one thing in common. They both make things more confusing. Religion is a passing phase in the story of mankind on earth. There is no Truth in it at all, so you may as well not bother looking. The only truth ever is within you, and you know it when you hear it. Sigh.When I wrote my first book (which came in 1997), one of the bad habits that my editor … [Read more...]

America’s Unfaithful Faithful

A recent study by the Pew Forum documents the growing "spiritual mobility" of Americans: more and more Americans are abandoning the religious affiliation of their upbringing and taking on a new religious or spiritual identity (or non-identity). Read an article about this study here.My friend who alerted me to this fascinating study notes, "What it says to me is that people are seeking something behind church doors that they aren't finding." I'd agree with that, but I also think it speaks to … [Read more...]

Memory Lane

I just discovered an online resource that archives old versions of websites. I've had a website at www.anamchara.com since 1996, and yes, the archives go back almost that far. It's not by any means perfect — lots of broken links — but some of the archived versions are pretty much complete, and for me it was quite a trip down memory lane to look at the evolution of my website, from the amateurish page at the beginning that was essentially an infomercial for my one published book, to the blog that … [Read more...]