Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love

An interesting column that appeared a few days ago in the New  York Times:

Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love

The author, Nicholas Kristof, has done a wonderful job not only at looking at how the evangelical world is re-defining itself in our day, but also at acknowledging how liberals have been sometimes a bit unfair in their (okay, our) wholesale dismissal of the evangelical community. As Kristof puts is, “robust criticism is fair, scorn is not.”

Theologically, I’m about as much of an evangelical as I am politically a Republican. But the Body of Christ goes a lot deeper than theology or liturgy or sacramental correctness. And articles like this give me hope that many opportunities do and will exist for Christians across the social and political spectrum to connect in truly Christlike ways.

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  1. Some good points made in that article. I have struggled with my own attitudes towards evangelicals as well and it makes me happy to see some of these trends. Here in Australia, we have the Hillsong megachurch that we all like to mock but they constantly surprise me by refusing to be the shallow bible bashers that we love to hate.

  2. Well, kindly give me a parallel list of:

    “Liberals an Evangelical Can Love.”

    That would also be a great healing project!


  3. Barack Obama, for starters.

  4. Some evangelicals this liberal loves:

    Jimmy Carter
    Brian McLaren
    Tony Campolo
    Jim Wallis
    Mike Morrell

  5. Aww, thanks Darrell! I’m feeling the love (and the good company!).

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