A Druid’s Final Resting Place?

My dear friend Judith alerted me to this fascinating news article:Possible Grave of a Druid found in the United KingdomMy only quibble with this article is its calling this archaeological find the "first" such evidence of a druid burial. I think the case can be (and has been) made that the Lindow Man bog body, unearthed in the 1980s, is that of a druid as well. … [Read more...]

Gerald G. May: Mental Health and Contemplation

A reader writes: Got a question for you. I've recently been promoted to a new job at the hospital where I work, and I'm in a position now where I can do some book or journal reviews for health providers nationwide. I'd like to do something in the area of spirituality and mental health, and was wondering if you might have any recommendations. We are working with people who have serious mental illness, and are in a unique position to offer hope to others. What about the writings of Gerald G. May: … [Read more...]

Positive Thoughts

The Prosperity Gospel, The Secret, the Prayer of Jabez, What the Bleep?... like many people who desire to orient my life around the love of God rather than my desires, I find many of the pop-culture "think positive and get what you want" movements to be troubling. I think they are primrose paths that distract people into a tar-baby-like relationship with their appetites, encouraging a focus on the stuff of ambition rather than cultivating a deep faith shaped by gratitude for blessings and … [Read more...]

Carmina Gadelica

Anyone interested in Celtic Christianity or in from-the-ground-up Christian mysticism will want to know about the Carmina Gadelica, Alexander Carmichael's massive anthology of Scottish folk spirituality, encompassing prayers, blessings, folk hymns, even runes and incantations. Over the years I've met Neopagans who have tried to "de-Christianize" the material in this collection, and Christians who have tried to "de-paganize" it; I think in a spirit of Celtic hospitality it's best just to enjoy it … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

The notion of the "ground" of the soul (an idea very important, too, in Eckhart and the Rhineland mystics) is developed by Julian especially in her teaching on prayer. For Julian it is in prayer that we realize the truth of her conviction that "all shall be well," for in prayer we turn to God in trust and beseech his help and mercy. And we are sure that such prayer is effective, for such prayer rises to God himself from God himself. "I am the ground of thy beseeching," says Christ to Julian. … [Read more...]


The Grotto at Lourdes Originally uploaded by Lawrence OPToday is the 150th anniversary of the first apparition at Lourdes. The Blessed Mother appeared to a sickly child named Bernadette Soubirous eighteen times over the course of 1858, beginning on February 11. Today Lourdes is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics and all who have a devotion to the Lady. The water that flows from the site of the apparitions is believed to have curative powers. The story of Lourdes was eventually … [Read more...]

Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love

An interesting column that appeared a few days ago in the New¬† York Times:Evangelicals a Liberal Can LoveThe author, Nicholas Kristof, has done a wonderful job not only at looking at how the evangelical world is re-defining itself in our day, but also at acknowledging how liberals have been sometimes a bit unfair in their (okay, our) wholesale dismissal of the evangelical community. As Kristof puts is, "robust criticism is fair, scorn is not."Theologically, I'm about as much of an … [Read more...]