Personal Update…

Lots of fun stuff happening in Carl-world…

  • The outline/table of contents of the big mysticism book is mostly complete. I meet again with the world’s coolest spiritual director, Fr. Tom Francis OCSO, on Friday to go over the details. This is important because once the skeleton is done I can start hanging the meat on the bones. I probably have some 30,000 words written on the book — not to mention material from this blog that will eventually find its way into the book — but I have to have a working outline before I can begin to put it all together.
  • Yesterday I signed up for bass guitar lessons! They start March 19, which is good, because my Ken Wilber class runs through March 5. I’m excited. Right now I only know how to play two little riffs: the opening riff of “Smoke on the Water” and the middle section of “Roundabout” (the section with the lyrics that begin “Along the drifting cloud, the eagle searching down…”). Obviously, I need professional help to do something other than make noise…
  • Also yesterday, thanks to some über-cool rebates and combining my DSL, cellular, and landline service into a package deal from AT&T, I was able to upgrade my phone to a BlackBerry, with only about $11 out of pocket expense and an actual reduction in my monthly phone/mobile/DSL costs. This is very exciting. I’m not the most technically up-to-date person — considering that the BlackBerry has been around since 1999, I guess that I’m finally just now crawling into the twenty-first century. I know the BlackBerry is all about email and online connectivity, but I’m mostly excited about the ability to blog and/or take notes when I’m not at a computer.
  • Thanks to my brother’s lead, my family is in the process of moving my father from Virginia to an assisted living center in Athens, Georgia. He’ll only be about a mile from my brother (which is good because my brother is retired and can spend more time with Dad) and only about 70 miles from me. This is an 87.5% reduction in the distance I will have to travel to see Dad. We’re all excited about this. The move should happen by early March.

Life is good.

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  1. Greetings. Just wandering around this morning and stumbled across your site.

  2. Glad you can be close to your Dad. My wife’s mom began having little heart attacks 15 months ago. I think she made about 10 one week trips from Knoxville to Memphis (350 miles) to help her sister take care of her. We did our best to help from a distance. Her Mom’s funeral was one week ago today. She was 92.

  3. judith collier says:

    taking care of aging parents is not easy. now that i am 65 with leukemia and a blind husband i pray that i out live my husband for my 4 children’s sake. he said he would kill himself if someone put him in a nursing home. he is difficult,not believing in anything, let alone god. for myself, i could manage as i have the ability to enjoy small pleasures. i just pray for a sound mind up till the end. i do wonder what aging parents do when they have a handicapped child like my niece does. no one to take over when they are gone as they had this child later in life. the child is in a wheelchair, doesn’t talk,can’t barely move from cerebral palsy. i pray i am able to leave them some inheritance for her. god does find and lead the way when you are in between a rock and a hard place, i just have to trust this. judy

  4. I hear you, Judy. Fran and I have a child in a wheel chair, too. She’s an only child and in all probability will not live much past 30 to 35 years, based on her condition. As painful as it is to think of losing her, we worry about what her life would be like if she survives us. No easy answers!

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