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The notion of the “ground” of the soul (an idea very important, too, in Eckhart and the Rhineland mystics) is developed by Julian especially in her teaching on prayer. For Julian it is in prayer that we realize the truth of her conviction that “all shall be well,” for in prayer we turn to God in trust and beseech his help and mercy. And we are sure that such prayer is effective, for such prayer rises to God himself from God himself. “I am the ground of thy beseeching,” says Christ to Julian. Prayer, the cry for mercy and help, rises from deep within ourselves. In fact it rises from even more deeply within ourselves than ourselves: prayer rises from the ground of the soul, where our being rests upon the very being of God. In prayer we are caught up in the love of God that is the life of the Trinity.

— Andrew Louth, The Wilderness of God

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  • http://www.heavenlyrosaries.com Rosaries

    This is such a beautiful way of explaining what prayer is. I absolutely love it!

  • Peter

    In our daily intercessory ministry here, we define intercession as “prayer that originates from the heart of God.” Eckhart has several passages where the most pragmatic kinds of thinking and praying spring directly from the very current process of the Father generating the Son in the center of our being eternally NOW, bursting forth with the joy and uncreated life of the Spirit. Julian somewhere has this wonderful sequence that (forgive my paraphrase) in his cleverness on our behalf, God invents all this cool stuff that will be so good for us, and then he inspires us to intercede (= ask him) for it, and then he rewards us as if we had thought of it ourselves!!

    Rejoicing in the brilliance of his grace,

  • http://HearourSilence.com John

    Nothing scholarly – just to pick up on Julian’s one word ‘beseeching’:
    she says ‘be-seeking’. And that lets a whole new light into prayer.
    Be still
    and Seek
    ‘Seek and you will find…’

    Thanks again Carl

  • judith collier

    today all my sorrow came to a head.the catylst was a man in afghanistan i was reading about in the morning paper.this man who was only 21 was possibly going to have his feet amputated.he was a sheepherder and because of the freezing weather he developed frostbite.oh,my god,my god have mercy on us,remember our nothingness, heal us,deliver us,heal the man’s feet,drive the cold from their mist,deliver us from wars,help us, love us,forgive us.i think this plea must have been from the holy spirit as i was overcome with compassion.my suffering is not in vain.judy