Quote for the Day

Every year dairy cows are artificially inseminated to produce a calf to maintain their milk production. A little over half their calves are male. Since these males cannot produce milk and the need for work animals has been replaced by machines, they are useless to the dairy farmer. Such males would grow to a size of 1200 lbs. and live 20-25 years and the cost of feeding, housing, and cleaning up after them would be huge. Therefore, the male calves are killed within a few days of birth, chained by the neck in a small, dark, cramped stall for 4-5 months and then killed for veal, or raised for 1 ½ years for beef. Because the dairy farmer cannot make a profit without killing the males, in every dairy product there is a hidden chunk of veal or beef.

— Jim Skirha, quoted in the
Christian Vegetarian Association
e-newsletter, 2/17/08

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