Silence and Light

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I just discovered that Flickr has a wonderful array of photographs (from a variety of photographers) shot at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. Some of these photos are from a recent “spirituality and photography” retreat at the monastery; nearly all of them are breathtaking in their beauty. The photographs cover not only the awe-inspiring Abbey Church and adjacent buildings, but many also highlight the natural splendor of the monastery grounds.

Click here to see a Monastery photograph slideshow.

Readers who are not familiar with the monastery will, I trust, nevertheless gain a sense from these photographs of why I love this place so much.

Contemplative Prayer in Decatur
Contemplative Commerce
Talking about Silence: An Interview with Patrick Shen
"That God's Love Might Live in Us" — A Few Lovely Words from Thomas Merton


  1. Collins’ pairing of his photo of the monastery sanctuary with the lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” is most insightful. Just click on the photo, friends. Thanks, Carl.

  2. Beautiful photos! And all in Conyers, Georgia….I should pay a visit. Thanks for sharing.

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