My Holy Week

Early this afternoon I’ll be boarding a flight to Newport News, Virginia, where I will be assisting my father tomorrow as he moves to Athens, Georgia, to be closer to me and my oldest brother. We tried to get dad to move down here last year, when my brother and his wife moved down, but dad balked at living with family. Now we’ve arrangements for him to go into an assisted living facility, and he’s looking forward to the move (so are we). The only fly in the ointment is that I’ll miss the Atlanta Julian Meeting’s gathering on Tuesday evening to do the Stations of the Cross according to Julian of Norwich.

After returning to Georgia Tuesday evening, on Wednesday I finally begin my long-awaited bass guitar lessons!

Lest it sound like my observance of Holy Week is being swallowed up by worldly pursuits, I am planning on participating in the Sacred Triduum observances at my church: mass on Thursday evening, Good Friday communion service on Friday, and (possibly) the Easter vigil on Saturday. I say “possibly” because Sunday morning we’ll be getting up and going to Athens to take my dad to church for Easter. The vigil will run late, and we’ll need to get up early to drive the 75 miles to get dad. If it were just me and Fran we’d probably tough it out, be we have Rhiannon to think about as well. So we’ll be playing Saturday by ear.

Just another normal week at the McColman house. It just happens to be Holy Week.

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  1. Sounds to me like the worldly pursuits you’re talking about are fairly holy in themselves: looking after parents is certainly a holiness issue, as is playing music. Can’t see what your problem is!

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