Please pray for Atlanta

The city of Atlanta was devastated by a tornado last night. The damage is amazing; this morning downtown looks like a war zone. Click here for more about it.

Fran and Rhiannon and I are safe (we live in the Clarkston/Stone Mountain area, about 10 miles from downtown).

Please keep our city in your prayers. We haven’t seen destruction like this since since the great fires of 1917 and 1864 (courtesy of a fellow named Sherman).

Devastation in Atlanta, March 2008

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  • Liz

    Living in Minnesota, I’ve seen tornado destruction first hand. It is overwhelming.

    I’m glad you all are well and my prayers for everyone who was in its path last night and this morning.

  • zoecarnate

    Oh goodness! Thank God there don’t seem to be any fatalities…

  • Shannon

    I haven’t noticed anyone jumping to conclusions that there were great sinners gathered in the city of Atlanta who deserved God’s wrath on them, unlike what happened after Hurricane Katrina. Makes me wonder if we have learned something since that disaster. Probably not.