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Indeed, I wonder if the emphasis of some Christians on the Bible being literally true is because they are concerned to say it’s really true. There is a colloquial use of the world “literally” today in an emphatic sense. We have all heard someone say about an angry person, “He literally blew his top” or “He literally exploded.” Does this mean his body came apart? Well, of course not. But we all understand what is meant: the person got very angry. Interestingly, “literally” is here used in a nonliteral sense to mean “really.” So also, when people say, “I believe the Bible is literally true,” I want to ask, “Are you saying that you believe the Bible is really true? If so, I agree with you.”

— Marcus Borg, The Heart of Christianity

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    (Ecclesiastes 8:1) Who is like the wise man? And who knows the interpretation of a thing? A man’s wisdom makes his face shine, and the hardness of his countenance is changed. RSV

    Experience is a Good Teacher but the Lord of the Bible is the Best

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  • evigilo

    This is a good point, one that I think most Christians like myself often forget.

  • http://thecheekofgod.wordpress.com tysdaddy

    Love Marcus Borg. I’m currently in the middle of “Jesus” and want to reread “The Heart of Christianity” again. I blogged a bit about Borg today, and came across our site after searching WP for others who tagged Marcus Borg. Thanks for the quote.

    Being a site dedicated to all things Celtic, have you ever heard of a band called Iona? Amazing music by an amazing band.



  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

    Oh, yes, I love Iona, particularly their first album.

  • http://thecheekofgod.wordpress.com tysdaddy

    I fell in love with them with the release of The Book of Kells. I can recall many an evening spent with the lights off and the headphones on just relaxing. I do believe those moments spent listening were the only times in my life I can claim I was meditating . . .

    I also especially like the live CD they did.