Quote for the Day

Why want at all costs to name the mystery that is within me? Under the name of Jesus, I entered marvelously into it, and this heart of Jesus, my heart, appeared to me as the Father’s bosom. Under the name of Arunachala, I next entered into it and then the sight was so great that it dazzled me; and all the names, all the forms that until then I had distinguished within it under the guidance of my previous masters vanished in this full sunlight. But when the sun has appeared, have the stars left their place in the firmament? And has the moon stopped in its orbit?
Wanting to give it a name, in that lies all the trouble. Do not name it, gaze, be dazzled, “be”; do not give a name to it, but be this mystery.

— Swami Abhishiktananda (Henri le Saux), Essential Writings

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