The Audacity of Government

This week on the public radio program “This American Life” the theme is “the Audacity of Government” — specifically the administration of George W. Bush. Anyone with a sense of decency and fairness will find these stories horrifying and appalling. Even taking into account a “liberal bias” (whatever that means), the picture painted here of our current government ought to make Americans ashamed — and angry.

If you don’t have a chance to hear this broadcast, you can purchase a downloadable copy from for only ninety-five cents. I encourage you to do so. Even though we will be rid of George Bush in another ten months, this story has a moral that extends beyond his hubris. I believe a democracy is only as strong as its citizenry is informed, and so we all need to be paying attention to the ways in which government can abuse power.

Here’s how this broadcast is described on the website:

We’ve noticed a trend in a number of actions taken lately by the United States government. Tiny things, things you probably haven’t heard of, but with big implications, like harassing widows and defying a century-old and utterly benign treaty – with Canada! So we’ve decided to spend an hour admitting and talking about the fact that everyone knows is true: America’s become a jerk.

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  • Brian

    You can also download or stream it for free at the This American Life website:

  • Carl McColman

    I wish I had known, it would have saved me ninety-five cents. Thanks for the tip.