The World Clock

Here is a sobering website: The World Clock documents a number of rapidly growing figures, including population growth, consumption of fossil fuels, military expenditures, abortions, and number of species to have gone extinct, all since the beginning of 2008. It’s a sobering, frightening picture.

The World Clock

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  • Mike Crowl

    But look at how many bicycles they’re producing! :)

  • Peter

    By a quick calculation on the part of a non-mathematical-genius, it will be in approximately 30,000 minutes or 500 hours or 21 days (about April 18 or 19) that the number of people on the planet will reach 6,666,666,666.

    For what it’s worth!

  • quickbeamoffangorn

    I think the clock needs some tweaking. First, the world population is prijected to top out at 9 billion in 2045. That’s the point were we reach the fertility replacement rate of 2.15. However we will then be faced with a population decline worse then the Black death of Europe. By 2100 it’s projected that we will be at 4.8 billion people and droping.

    Google Demographic winter or see my blog entry on it.

    On the world temps. I hear that we just had the steepest decline in one year since we started recording temps. 1 degree C drop. Due to no sun flaires.

  • Carl McColman

    The so-called “Demographic Winter” is hardly universally recognized, and at least one commentator sees it as driven by an ideology that is at root both racist and sexist:

  • quickbeamoffangorn

    Yes your right there could be efforts by groups to promote this for fascism or raceism. But I also believe that commentator has an ideology as well. I use the US census figures. We’ll hit 9 billion around 2045. We’ll level off at 2.15 fertility rate, which means 0 growth globally. Between 2045 and 2100 1/3 of the world will be over 65.

    HOw one views it from there or what other unknown factors effect it I don’t know. However I don’t view the need for shall we say funding for population control by any means(not saying you do either) especially by gov’ts.

  • Carl McColman

    I certainly don’t support government programs for population control. And I do think we have, culturally speaking, a lot of soul-searching to do to answer the question of why do our most affluent and educated members of society choose to have few or no children? Meanwhile, I’ll find the Demographic Winter issue much more compelling when I see a holistic assessment of how this will play out not only among white people, but across the globe as a whole.