Blog It!

It has just come to my attention that FaceBook and Six Apart have joined forces to create a new application called "Blog It." With Blog It I can simultaneously post to several different Blog Sites, including Worpress (where my "main" blog lives), as well as LiveJournal and Blogger. So this is an experiment – and if it works, I may be back on LiveJournal more often, as well as hanging out on Blogger more than ever before. It appears to be a nifty little app, so if you have Facebook, check it out.

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  1. zoecarnate says:

    Hmm…wouldn’t that dilute your overall Technorati authority, though?

  2. Well, I suppose it could. On the other hand, what’s more important: an artificial ranking, or actual warm bodies who are reading my blog? All Technorati does is rank a blog according to its inbound links, which may or may not translate into actual readers (I suppose there’s a general correlation; i.e. a blog with an authority of 500 in all conceivable likelihood has more readers than a blog with only 100). But at the end of the day, if more people are reading my writing, and talking about it, more people will find me an,and the blog authority goes up. And if keeping my LJ and blogger sites alive – painlessly, thanks to Blog It – helps that, then I’m all for it. If, however, maintaining multiple blogs can be shown to actually reduce the number of readers I have, then I’d be the first to go after the delete key.

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