Fran’s Birthday and DeSoto Falls

Yesterday was Fran’s birthday, and she wanted to spend part of it in the North Georgia mountains. So I took the day off from work and we drove up to White County where there are several majestic waterfalls. We both had cameras with us: she had her fancy Nikon D40X, while I had my more humble Kodak 6490. But even the Kodak can take some nice photos for the web.

The Creek at DeSoto Falls, White County, Georgia

Upper DeSoto Falls, White County, Georgia

After Rhiannon finished her day program, she and I wrapped Fran’s gifts (two books, of course) and treated her to dinner at her favorite Thai restaurant. And today the festivities continue: after going to hear Sarah Miles speak at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in downtown Atlanta, this evening we’re going to a concert by Point of Grace.

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  • judith collier

    It’s like the pictures speak. They say serenity,peace,ethereal,slow down,everything is o.k. judy

  • Bayrak

    do you know any information about this subject in other languages?

  • judith collier

    Bayrak, I don’t know how to take that question. Haven’t you ever got drawn in by beauty or enveloped in it? What does it conjure up in your mind? That’s what I call “speaking.” Read Carl’s latest about the wasp. His sense of wonder is beautiful. I always thank God for His magnificent creation. It comes in all languages. judy