Point of entry

Here’s how the burglar(s) got into our house: through the window in our bedroom. I know this isn’t a great photo, but I took it with my Blackberry, as that’s the only camera we have at the moment.

The window was shattered, with broken glass all over our bed. The pane you see lying on the bed is our winter frame, which the intruder just pushed through. He cut himself, leaving drops of blood on the windowsill. We had a CSI person in our house yesterday, gathering up the blood and some fingerprint samples as well.

Added to the casualty list: my mini-disc recorder. Added to the blessings list: I found a CD backup I had made of most of my laptop files just last month, which means I have much more of both my financial records as well as my writing than I had initially thought.

Tonight we go to the Apple Store (I’m posting this from work). Proud American consumer that I am, I normally love to go buy a new computer. But we had already decided to hold off on getting a  new Mac until at least next year, as we’re hoping to save for a nice vacation and do some work around the house. Now we’re just hoping that the insurance will cover replacing at least one of the computers and one of the cameras…

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  • http://www.philfosterlpc.com phil foster

    Thank God you all weren’t there. And thank you for the ongoing lesson (aren’t they all?) about the back up. Holding much love and light for you, Fran and Rhiannon.

  • http://quakerpagan.blogspot.com/ Cat Chapin-Bishop

    Oh, Carl, I am so sorry! As one writer to another (though I don’t mean to compare the quality of our work) I feel for you, man.

    I passed the story along to Peter, and his eyes got that Basset-hound expression they get, and he just groaned.

    It’s not the money, it’s not the stuff… it’s the words and the photos, the work and the memories, that hurt to lose. What can I say? I’m just holdin’ you in the Light, friend.


  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

    Yeah, I was talking with Darrell “Grateful Bear” Grizzle this morning and described my sense of this loss in this way:

    “What really hurts: 1. The loss of all the intellectual property (my writing and Fran’s photos), 2. The vulnerability with all my financial information now compromised. 3. The sense that our house is not safe, and 4. The actual loss of the stuff.”

    In other words, as much as the physical loss is a pain, it’s all replaceable, and insurance will mitigate the cost of replacing it. It’s the other losses that are more truly devastating.

  • http://themercyblog.blogspot.com/ MikeF

    Oh Carl, it’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it, even with the CD backup. Someone must have been praying!

    We were burgled years ago, not long after we were married, and I can still remember the lurch inside when you realise what’s happened, and the unsafe feeling that lingered for months.

    We had another semi-miraculous incident there – they must have been disturbed, and left a few things, including my beloved Fender acoustic, on the drive. But we were mourning the loss of Jan’s engagement ring from the bedside cabinet. It wasn’t till I opened the guitar case a few days later, and then opened the little compartment in the neck of the hard case, that I saw Jan’s ring, sitting there on top of the spare strings, sparkling happily, just as it still sparkles on her finger today!

    There is light in the darkness, sometimes… and sometimes it does take a while to see it.

    Praying for you both, here in damp Dorset…


  • judith collier

    Carl, my husband was an insurance adjustor for Allstate for 30 yrs. These people are trained to sniff out fraud. They take into consideration the victim(his work, his standing in the community,) 100% of the time if you say you had 2 of something, 2 will be replaced. I pray you will be pleasantly surprised by your ins. co. I’m glad to hear you are still standing, working, etc. We always have the victory as Christians if we trust God. It’s the hell we have to go through to get there. Eventually, all will be o.k. I am keeping you in my prayers hourly. judy