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It is, I think, a mark of maturity to acknowledge the fallibility of faith and the possibility that what one takes to be a revelation of God may be mistaken.

— John MacQuarrie, Two Worlds Are Ours:
An Introduction to Christian Mysticism

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  1. judith collier says:

    I’ll be going away for awhile and missing my little retreat here.I agree with this statement in part. There are a few things I’ve experienced that nobody could persuade me were not of God. And there are several other things that I have totally missed the boat on. I think the hardest part for me of the Holy Spirit’s work is understanding what is expected of me. judy

  2. I hope your time away is what you want it to be. We’ll miss you here – and look forward to seeing you when you return.



  3. liniasmax says:

    Hi – I just found this site. I’ve been trying to make sense of a lot of things going on in my life lately. I’ve gone from reformed through atheism, deism, quakerism to find myself somewhere in universalism. – maybe reformed Quaker universalist? I feel a draw to mysticism and have recently begun to meditate and practice yoga. Still, spiritually my mind is a cespool – this site speaks to me inside the rhythmic chaos. I look forward to visiting often. I live in the NW Georgia mountains with a wonderful wife and 2 precious girls. Keep rocking the bass…I’m a lifelong drummer myself. And thank you for sharing this site. Liniasmax

  4. I think most of us suffer from psychic cesspool syndrome. That’s why meditation is so wonderful, it’s the best way to begin to suck out all the mess…

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