Silver Lining

It’s way past my bedtime — but I wanted to just take a minute to post my first blog entry from my new MacBook. I’m two thousand dollars deeper in debt than I was this time yesterday (let’s hear it for a speedy processing of my insurance claim), but I’ve got a sweet new laptop to show for it.

Meanwhile, we just keep stumbling into freaky new rooms in this topsy turvy funhouse. Fran discovered that about 150 of her checks are missing. Looks like we’ll be closing our bank accounts ASAP.

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  1. Not really much to add, only that you, Fran & Rhiannon remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    It’s admirable that you’ve been mindful of the ‘silver lining’ throughout such a traumatic experience. I hope very much your claim is resolved quickly and favourably. Godbless.

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