Wish List

The insurance company has asked me to pull together a list of items stolen from our house, along with the cost to replace them. The easiest way for me to estimate the replacement costs was to create an Amazon wish list, which I have done. If you want to be a voyeur and see approximately what we lost, click on the link below. I say “approximately,” because a number of the items listed are newer models (after all, most of what we lost were tech gadgets) — but in all instances save one, the newer item actually costs less than what we paid for when we bought the earlier model a few years back. I know our insurers will likely want to just pay us the fair market value of the actual items we owned, which means what their used price is on the open market. But even though it means we’ll have out of pocket costs, we’d rather replace our losses with new items. Buying a used DVD from Half.com is one thing: buying a used iPod something else entirely.

So here’s the list. I’m not suggesting that any angels who read over this list actually buy something for us (but of course, we won’t turn down any presents, either!) :-)

Carl’s Burglary Wish List

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